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Quality: It’s in our name, and it’s our promise to you. With competitive pricing and years in the Miami roofing industry as leader in terms of materials and workmanship, at JJ Quality Builders Inc. you can get the best roofing at the best price.

JJ Quality Builders Inc. understands that there is a large variety of customers and jobs. From small to large, you will see the same top-notch efforts from our established and reputable builders. For years we have been happy to follow through on our motto that integrity and customer satisfaction breeds customer loyalty and it has not failed us yet.

Roof Varieties

At JJ Quality Builders Inc. we offer a large variety of roofing types to our Miami clients.

  • EPDM Ideal for low slope roofing, ethylene propylene diene monomer is a flexible synthetic rubber roof which we are the uncontested leaders of installing.
  • Flat Flat roofs are becoming more common in modern society and are especially helpful for installing solar panels.
  • Green JJ Quality Builders Inc. are pioneers of environmentally friendly roofing. Green roofs are installed over existing roofs and have many benefits including providing natural habitats for animals.
  • Modified Bitumen An evolutionary offshoot of asphalt roofing, MBR components are fire, splitting and thermal shock resistant.
  • Shingle Shingles are classic when it comes to roofing. When applied correctly, they overlap one another as individual pieces and can be made of fiberglass (recommended), slate or shake (wood).
  • Tar and Gravel Ideal for flat or nearly-flat roofs, and created with layers of hot tar and fiberglass asphalt sheeting.
  • Tile We are renowned for our tile roofing in Miami. With many architectural choices to choose from such as colonial, avant-garde, contemporary and Mediterranean, we recommend this option.
  • White Membrane White Membrane Roofing provides solar reflectivity and generates a large amount of savings in the long run. Proprietary elevated heat emitting technology discharges large amounts of solar energy.
  • Metal JJ Quality Builders Inc. are your best choice if you are looking for a residential metal roof. Metal roofing is lightweight, and is ideal for areas prone to natural disasters or a cold climate, with an average lifespan of 25 years.

Roofing Repairs

JJ Quality Builders Inc. doesn’t just build roofs, we repair them as well. Roofs are at the mercy of the elements at all times, so it’s very important to practice regular maintenance. We believe that the number one cause of roofing damage is lack of maintenance, so as long as you keep up with small repairs as they appear, you won’t have to worry about having the cost of a full replacement.

JJ Quality Builders Inc. always puts our roofing clients first in Miami and strives to keep your roof in top shape, from start to finish for small and large repairs and full builds.

Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

As one of the most important components of your Miami home, there really is no excuse for taking any shortcuts when it comes to your home’s roofs maintenance, upkeep and potential replacement options. After all, it keeps water out of your precious abode, thereby ensuring that your family is kept safe and sound.

In general, roof repair and maintenance should be sufficient to keep your home protected for many years, however there will come a time when a roof replacement is needed, and when that time comes it is important to pay close attention to these three points:

  • Shop Around: The unfortunate truth of the matter is that some roofers in Miami don’t worry too much about customer satisfaction since replacing a roof is a once-every-few-decades job, which means that they don’t have to worry too much about repeat business. On top of that, many homeowners in Miami also mistakenly choose their roofer based largely on price and nothing else. And while it is very important to take cost into consideration when choosing a roofing team, it shouldn’t be the only factor as some businesses will hire the least experienced workers for the lowest wages. At JJ Quality Builders Inc., we encourage all our clients to read our glowing reviews from previous customers as well as our tried and trusted references.
  • Go Top Shelf: If you want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about having your roof needing to be repaired every few years, then you need to make sure you choose a roofing company with a reputation for using the most high-quality products as possible. When you contact JJ Quality Builders Inc. as your roofing team of choice, you can rest assured that this will be the case. We will always use the best quality, longest-lasting shingles. This also includes shingles varying in color and thickness that creates superior character. As well as that, we use the most durable sealing for metal and copper joints so as to ensure that you get a better quality roof for your Miami home.
  • Pay Attention to the Paperwork: If you are looking to make sure that your home’s new roofing system is installed quickly and effectively, then two documents are essential to in this respect:
  1. In Miami, most municipal areas require a building permit for a roofing project, and obtaining one can help you to ensure that your contractor follows building code. Plus, on top of that, your roof warranty is likely void if you don’t receive this permit.
  2. A written contract that specifies all of the agreed-upon details, products and the cost of the project. This guarantees a safety net in case anything goes wrong. Also, what many people don’t realize is that a stripped-off roof can see 10,000 nails landing on your grass, mulch and driveways. It is important not to pay a penny until you see a magnet to pick these nails up—and make sure this in included in your contract

Five Reasons Why You Need a Professional Roofer

At JJ Quality Builders Inc, we know how important DIY culture is to homeowners in Miami. This mindset has proven to have many advantages however the fact of the matter is that there are certain jobs in your home that really need to be left to the professionals. Roofing—whether installation or repair—definitely falls into this category.

So, if your Miami home needs a roof installed or repaired then you need to call the experts at JJ Quality Builders Inc. right away. Five benefits that our professional roofing service can provide for your home include:

  1. 1. Safety: The most important thing that we at JJ Quality Builders Inc. consider on any job that we work on is safety and this is the most important reason why you should hire us for your roofing needs. The simple fact of the matter is that even if your home is only on a single floor, a fall can still have devastating consequences for your health. On top of that, there is the chance that you could drop something off the roof and end up causing injury to someone below. That is why you need a professional roofing team you can fully rely on.
  2. 2. Proper Installation: Our professional and fully certified team of roofers knows how to install a roof properly to ensure that your home is insulated correctly. Our roofs will protect your Miami home from whatever mother nature throws at it. So, whether it is heavy rainfall or moisture issues, you can rest assured that with our skilled specialists on the job, you will be in the safest hands possible. We guarantee superior installation and sealing, especially around areas such as chimneys or decorative gables with valleys.
  3. 3. Quality Materials for Less: What a lot of people don’t know is that roofing specialists like us at JJ Quality Builders Inc. have access to higher quality products through our contacts with industry suppliers, and we also get better wholesale prices. On top of that we have access to architecturally appealing tiles in many different materials and designs and this means an esthetically more pleasing look for your home. So, if you want more bang for your buck and a roof that will stand the test of time then you need to contact JJ Quality Builders Inc. today.
  4. 4. One-Day Job: At JJ Quality Builders Inc. we know that when it comes to roofing, time really is of the essence. Our professional team of roofers move at a startling pace and this means we can generally remove and replace your roof in only one full day. Our dedication to what we do can be seen by virtue of the fact that we will even work through inclement weather conditions as long as it is safe to do so.
  5. 5. Warranty: When you use our professional roofing service, you can rest assured that all the work we carry out is under warranty. This means that any repairs or installations we do for you are fully guaranteed.

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